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Unlike traditional large organizations, our team members have the opportunity to shape their own paths and explore their interests within a framework of guidance and support. Our culture fosters a sense of agency, enabling employees to propose and implement new tools, pilot cultural practices, and drive meaningful change. This balance between structure and freedom not only facilitates innovation but also contributes to a sense of ownership in one's work.


Our office environment is dynamic and bustling with activity, ranging from collaborative meetings and workshops to conceptualizing ideas on whiteboards, reviewing work, analyzing research, and strategizing for engagements. This fast-paced and energizing atmosphere enables team members to continuously learn and grow both professionally and personally.


Our team has backgrounds in architecture, finance, product design, sociology, cognitive science, philosophy, engineering, computer science, business management, the law, and beyond, with every individual contributing a unique perspective. This diversity not only fosters an inclusive atmosphere but also stimulates innovative thinking, leading to a more holistic approach to problem-solving.

Who we are

25 years ago, the principals at ZENDA led graphic and industrial designers into the new world of user interface design. Today we are leading professionals into the next frontier.

ZENDA consultants are driving innovation by modeling the event of work. Following 25 years running the first and longest operating UX design firm, the founders of Electronic Ink are driving this next wave of work.

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