We drive business transformation by delivering human insights.

We’re experts in illuminating the complexity of work.

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Our clients understand the connection between operational excellence and competitive advantage. Our consultants clarify that connection, providing comprehensive operational insights and leveraging unique visual models to reveal new perspectives that impact the top and bottom lines.

We partner with leadership to solve their biggest challenges, create actionable strategy, and build sustainable market edge.


Our Core Capabilities

Risk Management

Regulation, policy, and procedural compliance hinges on how people work. We show clients how their people are key to eliminating operational risk and amplifying operational excellence.


Process Innovation & Efficiency

Process improvement and digital transformation are as much an investment in people as they are an investment in change. We maximize returns on these investments by leveraging previously untapped human insights.


Corporate Restructuring and Acquisitions

Within any merger, short-term decisions on human capital can lead to long-term costs. We mitigate M&A’s greatest outcome risk by seeing a successful merger as greater than the rationalization of its parts.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Harmonizing core business functions requires understanding how people inform processes. We expose this connection by observing work from the ground up.


The company we keep

The industries we serve


JPMorgan Chase & Co

Chase Bank

Goldman Sachs

Morgan Stanley

Intercontinental Exchange




Allied Barton

Reed Elsevier


PJM Interconnection

British Petroleum

National Grid



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United States Navy






Rite Aid



Johnson & Johnson















Thomson Reuters

NBC Universal





Lockheed Martin





United Healthcare

Sun Life Financial


Penn Medicine



St. Judes Children's Hospital

Jefferson Health

In the analysis of master data management tools and processes, the human context revealed insights that led to a transformed off-shore master data team and an operation with close to zero errors.

Client onboarding requires a careful orchestration of all aspects of work. A tailored approach to this critical business event reduced its duration by half and improved the quality of experience for the workforce as well as the customer.

The best employee experiences come from work that is designed to ensure people are effective, efficient, learning, and growing. How this is achieved varies from company to company, department to department.

Regulatory compliance relies on understanding how people are likely to behave and how to compel them to act correctly. A human-centered approach to orchestrating compliance processes turned regulatory headaches into better ways of working.

Many consultancies provide clients with “best practices” derived from their past engagements. The human context of business events is where “best practices” are challenged by the unique circumstance of each workforce and where our human-centered approach thrives.

The best employee experiences come from work that is designed to ensure people are effective, efficient, learning, and growing. How this is achieved varies from company to company, department to department.

Regulatory compliance and risk management are most challenging where people must perform work in a prescribed fashion. Human beings are prone to improvised methods and variability. By incorporating human insights into the orchestration of work, risk is mitigated and compliance is ensured.

Orchestrating better ways of working requires understanding current-state characteristics worth preserving, identifying challenges likely to persist, and striking a balance across human, mechanical, and procedural concerns.

Our consultants root operational strategies in a robust understanding of why people have adopted particular ways of working.

Unique visual models inform our method of organizing people, policy, tools, and data to define work events within a business operation.

Our process leverages a thorough understanding of people in order to accurately diagnose a problem before exploring and validating solutions.

Partnerships with major management and technology consulting firms often come at the request of our clients. Our careful attention to client culture and worker characteristics captures what often eludes the best practices presented by other firms.

Energy grid management across North America and Europe, contract sales, consumer account management, and energy trading are all contexts in which our human perspective has fueled operational transformation.

In Transportation, the building, selling, leasing, renting, maintaining, and operating of vehicles have all been challenges we've addressed. From tactical solutions for speedier auto sales to strategic opportunities across managed fleets, a human-centered focus has delivered transformations that had previously been elusive.

Healthcare institutions and practitioners have allowed us to influence the configuration of facilities, discover critical operational risks at the point of care, and orchestrate tools and processes around the human context of caregiver and patient.

Corporate Technology leaders partner with us in order to perfect service delivery to their organizations. Thanks to our expertise and methods, corporate technology teams are finally delivering truly transformational systems and services to their business counterparts.

Financial Services must abide by regulations that govern the behavior of the professionals that compose these institutions. Our operational excellence leadership has ensured compliance across the most sensitive and carefully monitored aspects of retail banking, wealth management, product development, technology, and legal operations.

Human-centered efforts in Consumer Products typically brings focus to the consumer. Our focus on people within business operations has brought discovery, insight, and transformation to regulatory compliance, master data management, technology, R&D, and supply chain.

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