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Accurate understanding of an operational challenge presents the greatest opportunities. Our client engagements begin with designers leading our partners to the most accurate definition of a problem. Human, business, technology and data – these are the pillars of exploration from which our designers and our clients draw insight and reinvent work in the enterprise.

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The Zenda Work Design™ Model

Enterprise process diagrams don’t reflect how work really happens. Human actors and their culture, business systems, data, processes, procedures and dozens of other variables define the work of today’s business enterprise. Zenda’s designers create visual models that allow clients to see how work truly transpires, and why. Seeing work from all perspectives delivers insight, which leads to discovery and opportunity.

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Seeing The Future State Of Operations

The best running operations serve the goals of a diverse collection of stakeholders. Bringing a variety of concerns together efficiently and effectively can be difficult and expensive. Zenda is designing work by creating future state models that illustrate how the workforce, technology assets, business processes and data must interact in a truly digital business enterprise quickly and cost effectively.

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“Well designed work accounts for the needs and goals of the worker. Highly engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share.” Gallup