Transforming Legal Operations

A major public school operation partnered with ZENDA to reduce case filings, assess its software systems, and address ad hoc workarounds. The result was a resilient work event that tracks filing trends to reduce legal cases and streamlines the processing of existing cases.


Offices synchronized in communication


Software integrations


Case histories unified


Savings opportunity enabled


Through substanial in-depth interviews with employees, parents, and senior stakeholders, ZENDA revealed over 40 process gaps, inefficiencies, and data silos. ZENDA then developed an operation model with workflows that consolidated steps and eliminated redundancies, allowing the business to validate the direction of new work systems. In the end, our client was left with a flexible work event that centralized data, managed cases, and resolved issues in an informed, adaptable, and timely manner.


With a centralized information architecture and the sunsetting of 5 disparate software systems and countless ad hoc workarounds, ZENDA enabled synchronoized communication among 4 offices, integrations among 5 internal and 18 external software systems, unification of 20K+ case histories, and the opportunity for $1B in settlement payments savings.




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