Increasing Customer Value and Growth

A global transporation and logistics company partnered with ZENDA to identify opportunities to increase customer value and sustain recent rapid growth without additional resourcing. The result was a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience, a clear vision for our client's operational future, and an actionable roadmap for next steps.


Opportunities identified


Elevated experience defined


Revenue potential uncovered


Savings opportunity identified


Through substantial in-depth interviews with customers and employees, ZENDA identified core customer values and mapped the customer experience against corresponding client operations, highlighting critical disconnects in perspective. To align on next steps, ZENDA led numerous working sessions with senior stakeholders, identified 5 key areas of opportunity for creating outsized customer value, and outlined key area owners, outcomes, and metrics for success.


With a new sales-to-service pipeline, clarified roles and responsibilities, technology solutions, broadened digital content, and a real-time billing experience, ZENDA identified targeted opportunities to increase CX up to 54%, capture $4.55MM additional revenue yoy, and reduce costs up to $11.88MM yoy.


Transportation & Logistics


CX & Market Growth

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