Global Collaboration Informed by Human Insights

A global, decentralized industry leader partnered with ZENDA to optimize its digital tools that support collaboration. The result was an opportunity for a better future within three areas: behavioral/cultural, infrastructure/environment, and technology.


Savings opportunity identified


Through a bespoke communication campaign, ZENDA explained the advantages of introducing better behaviors, including video on during virtual meetings, the importance of volume and mute control during meetings, and time savings related to agenda preparation and communication prior to meetings. In concert with that campaign, our team implemented uniform communication technologies in on-site meeting rooms and identified and resolved causes for call drops. We also leveraged human context insights to inform multi-platform rollout for virtual meeting technology while deploying technology to support more quickly locating in-facility meeting rooms.


By eliminating roll-call and slow meeting start, ZENDA saved 3-5 minutes/meeting/employee, equating to a minimum savings of $108.6MM yoy (1.1mm meetings/month, 3.44 attendees/meeting). By eliminating poor virtual meeting habits (mic-off, poor mute button control, video-off), we saved 3 minutes/meeting/employee, decreased frustration, and increased meeting content retention. By enabling faster room identification, we saved 2 minutes/meeting/attendee




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