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Pioneers in Work Design

Zenda’s designers deliver insights from the human context of work, so our clients can see and understand their business operations like never before. Through human-centric design methods and unique visual models, Work Designdelivers new perspectives that help business operators understand challenges, discover opportunities, and design transformational ways of working.

What is Work Design?

A Balanced Understanding of Work

Work Design​ focuses on the event of work —​ how people, policy, tools and data come together to most effectively achieve business goals.

Four Axes of Understanding and Insight:​ Different from service design or user experience design, Work Design​ is a balanced understanding and arrangement of allaspects of a work event. Work Design​ organizes the definition of work into four axes: the human context; business concerns ranging from processes to performance metrics; technology, tools and infrastructure; data and information.

We may understand what our employees are doing, but Zenda helps us understand why they are doing it.

— Platform Technology Lead, Biotech vertical, Fortune 100 company
the human context of work

We See Work Differently

Zenda professionals know that our clients are experts in their industries. Zenda brings fresh, specialized eyes to the challenges and opportunities our clients may be too close to see completely, or to evaluate objectively. Zenda design researchers tap client expertise and industry-leading techniques to draw insights from the human context of work​ — reframing challenges and discovering new opportunities. Zenda enhances, and in some cases replaces, the traditional incomplete process-centric view of operational strategies and tactics.

Zenda’s Work Design​ models are the nexus of project communication and an actionable transformation blueprint. In a single page, our design professionals articulate the complexities and relationships among the various axes of work — the human context; business processes; technology and infrastructure; data and automation. The pictures we draw have our clients, for the first time, truly Seeing Business®.

Our Latest Work

Designers in Unexpected Places

Our clients take us to the remote corners of their operations and invite us into their highest level strategy efforts. Where there are people performing work, Zenda designers are making discoveries and delivering human-centered impact.


Global Cross Divisional, Regulated Work

In finance, new product development must be consistent, complete and timely. The work is globally distributed, multi-disciplinary, highly regulated and driven by people.


Human Context Insights Transform Products and Services

Inventory management and product ordering systems accounted for business processes but not customer needs and expectations.


Procurement Platform Deployment Reveals Transformational Opportunities

After deploying Ariba and 'industrybestpractices' Procurement remained a bottleneck and customers were still dissatisfied.

The company we keep. The industries we serve.

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This visualized approach allows me to help others see and understand challenges and opportunities, so I can get the funding I need to finally make things better.

— Managing Director, Operations, Fortune 100 Company