Global, Cross Divisional, Regulated Work

In response to strict new regulatory requirements, business operations and technology leadership delivered a common global solution for the design of new financial products. While technology and operational processes satisfied regulation, unintended workforce behaviors provided a view into new operational opportunities and direction for a better technology platform.

A worker's concern about unintentionally violating ever-evolving regulations meant that employees wanted more eyes on their work. Knowing that the new product pipeline enjoyed a cross-functional process of review meant it was a good spot to place anything that someone wanted others to see, approve or challenge — even if it was not a new product concept. The new product pipeline needed to support more than a regulatory process — it had to support the human need for reassurance, collaboration and consensus.




    Design Research, Strategic Design, Resource Management

Case Study

Designers immediately set about creating a new product pipeline solution robust enough to support cross-functional new product development within strict regulations, while being smart enough to effectively and efficiently handle almost anything a person placed into it. The new product process and system did not just satisfy regulators, it addressed a workforce and their behaviors, culture and context, supporting their diverse needs.

  • More than thirteen processes — one for each business unit participating in a new product's development process — were consolidated to one.  
  • The tendencies and behaviors that came naturally to workers were no longer challenged but incorporated into a smarter business process and platform — the new tool could now handle anything that was placed in it.  
  • One global platform and process was delivered to the workforce with near-zero training.