Procurement Platform Deployment Reveals Transformational Opportunities

Twelve-months after the launch of an Ariba platform and the deployment of a consulting firm's operational 'best practices' solution, this Fortune 100 procurement office was still seen as a business bottleneck and not the value-add trusted business partner they wanted to be. The platform was not being used, and processes and procedures were not being followed.


    Investment Banking


    Design Research, Strategic Design, Resource Management

Case Study

While observing the work of procurement professionals, it became clear the the service they designed, despite platform capabilities and carefully documented business processes, did not correspond to the realities of customers and their contexts. By now modeling the optimal service environment based upon the client's workforce, culture and business goals, best practice methods were changed to correspond to this client's workforce, and platform configurations were changed to more closely reflect recommended procedural changes.

  • Procurement processes and policy changed to reflect greater understanding of workforce culture, tendencies and needs.
  • Ariba platform reconfigured to correspond to workers' needs and newly defined processes — improving adoption by > 50%.
  • Procurement brand experience transformed from 'bottleneck' – 'supportive business enabler'.