Human Context Insights Transform a Product and Invent New Services

When design researchers took a look at how people were using a newly architected inventory management and ordering product, a windfall of opportunity was revealed and a Fortune 100 company was changed when they saw their products and services from a human context.




    Design Research, Strategic Design, Resource Management

Case Study

Design researchers created a field research plan that included visits to dozens of customer operations, so that they could see the product and surrounding services in use by client employees. Significant improvements to the design of the product's end user interface became the low-hanging fruit coming from findings. Unexpected discoveries included more accurate client segmentation, an in-person salesforce that was disappointing customers and the realization that this product was integral to the successful operation and ultimate survival of many already struggling small businesses.

  • Client segmentation that adjusted product and service delivery to correspond to the specific needs of customer types.
  • Field sales professionals retrained to provide in-person platform and operational support, in addition to inventory purchasing responsibilities.
  • Transformation of the product end user interface requiring near-zero training.