Global Collaboration Informed by Human Insights

A global, decentralized industry leader recognized that optimizing the digital tools that supported collaboration can be qualitatively and quantitatively impactful to the business.  Opportunity for a better future spanned three areas of interest: behavioral/cultural, infrastructure/environment, and technology.


    Human Resources


    Design Research, Strategic Design, Resource Management


Behavioral/Cultural: 'The Cost of Bad Habits' communication campaign explained the advantages of introducing better behaviors, including: 'video on' during virtual meetings, the importance of volume and mute control during meetings, and time savings related to agenda preparation and communication prior to meetings.

Infrastructure/Environment: On-site meeting rooms moved to uniform communication technologies, while causes for observed rates of call drops were investigated and remedied.

Technology: Allowed human context insights to inform multi-platform rollout for virtual meeting technology while deploying technology to support more quickly locating in-facility meeting rooms.

  • Eliminated roll-call and slow meeting start: Savings of 3–5 minutes/meeting/employee (1.1m meetings/month, 3.44 attendees/meeting).
  • Eliminated poor virtual meeting habits (mic-off, poor mute button control, video-off): Savings of 3 minutes/meeting/employee, decreased frustration, greater meeting content retention.
  • Faster room identification/finding: Saving 2minutes/meeting/attendee.