The Challenge

How can you better manage risk and ensure consistency of back office transactions across global operations?

  • Increased risk due to localized processes and rogue software tools used in cash management around the world
  • Data floating around outside of the approved system in Excel documents and employee desktops - increasing the potential for inaccurate and outdated data that could result in regulatory non-compliance.
  • Goal: The client envisioned a streamlined cash management application and process that could be successfully deployed and adopted globally.

The Engagement

Design researchers visited bank offices worldwide to:

  • Evaluate processes, understand variability and uncover hidden risks
  • Develop current-state and future-state workflows that revealed opportunities to reduce complexity and inefficiencies
  • Design a secure, global application with a customizable user interfaces

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The Impact


Fewer redundant applications


Reduction in work steps


Increase in service volume


Required User Training