Senior Designer

Full time position

Are your design skills and aspirations bigger than software usability and e-commerce websites?

Twenty-five years ago, the principals at Zenda led behavioral scientists, architects, graphic designers, and industrial designers into the new world of user interface design. Today we are leading professionals from the UI/UX/XD industry into a new frontier.

Zenda is a consulting firm that is driving the next wave of design — designing the event of work within the business enterprise. Clients partner with us to explore, define and solve some of their most interesting operational challenges.

Zenda leads change throughout the internal operations of Fortune 500 companies and drives innovation by modeling the event of work - relationships among business processes, technology, data, and the human worker.

Zenda believes that there are many skilled designers whose talents are currently underutilized in an “experience design industry” that has become a mash-up of usability, user interface design, service design, and a host of design “x’s” focused on reducing clicks, simplifying, and selling products faster and cheaper.  Our designers serve as consulting partners to the business and technology leaders of our client organizations to expose within the human context of enterprise operations a rich environment of insights, opportunities, risks, and measurable potential.  

We are currently seeking a Senior Designer to become part of Zenda’s core team. We’re looking for a candidate with formal design training, experience working in collaborative teams, an ability to create whatever is necessary to build shared understanding and to explore possibilities. Experience planning and executing design research is necessary for success in this role. And a firm belief in design as a universal means of understanding challenges and exploring solutions is a must.


Ability to quickly learn and understand client business, performing in-context design research when necessary. 

Project work may include: 

  • Creation of complex visual models, information design, and data visualization
  • Translating detailed descriptions of business operations into rich visual narratives 
  • Workflow development / augmentation (human pathways through a business process) 
  • Traditional UI Design Skills:
  • Information architecture / taxonomy development
  • Wireframes (screen schematics reflecting the details of digital tools) 
  • Aesthetics (full color product simulations, complete with typefaces, colors, state changes and other interaction patterns) 
  • Product specifications (screen layout, system responses, interaction patterns, accessibility guidelines, and technology considerations) 

Skills should include:

  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite 
  • Workshop design and execution 
  • Familiarity with rapid prototyping tools 
  • Exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail 
  • Excellent layout and typography skills 
  • Work with clients on and off site effectively building professional relationships with colleagues and clients, clearly articulating complexities of project work to client.


  • Excellent time management skills including the ability to work simultaneously across several projects 
  • Follow established design and consulting team procedures, and assist with the development of new procedures 
  • Effectively build professional relationships with colleagues and clients 
  • Informally mentor less experienced consultants, contributing to the ongoing growth of the team
  • Contribute creative ideas to further the project work and direction of client projects 
  • Contribute to and help foster a climate where alternative ideas and approaches are encouraged 
  • Demonstrate flexibility in response to changing work / project requirements and situations
  • Participate in sales meetings with prospects presenting ZENDA’s unique design approach to complex engagements 
  • Our offices are in NYC.  Periodic travel will be necessary.


  • Minimum 5 years of experience creating intuitive workflow-driven solutions (user interface design for websites, mobile devices, business systems, and other applications), with a portfolio of work that demonstrates this level of experience 
  • Excellent visual designer does not need to have UI/UX experience 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills 
  • Passion for human-centered design and a fascination with how people behave, and why. 
  • Knowledge of data visualization.


  • Salary commensurate with experience $120,000+ per annum 
  • Health, vision and dental benefits package 


  • BFA or BS degree in design- including graphic, industrial, communication design and architecture- or significant experience working in a design field. 


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